Alison Weston

DID Coach Mentorship Program Graduate, Class of 2022

Alison has keen senses, spiritually and naturally and this makes her strongly prophetic. She is determined and hard working and she is well informed and aware of the world around her as well as the spiritual world. She is organized and balanced. She is very sensitive and highly cares. If she has committed, she will perform it. This says much about her sense of responsibility. She is reliable and she has a strong quality of leadership. She has a sense of humor and don’t let her outer appearance fool you, she is a warrior! Alison has a beautiful grace whenever she ministers. Alison has a quality to make all things beautiful around her. -Anonymous
Alison carries the presence of the Father both in social encounters and as a coach/in session, and His presence helps all whom she meets feel almost instantly comfortable and at ease with her. Not only does she carry His presence, but she also makes her human spirit available in His service to be a conduit for His voice to the people with whom she interacts, providing beautiful, timely, and sometimes challenging prophetic words for those to whom the Father wishes to speak. She is warm, open, cares genuinely, and walks humbly with Yah. -Anonymous

Alison Weston is...

...Graduate and Volunteer

Alison carries the word of the Lord and brings the Kingdom of God to bear in the earth. She was born and raised in the great state of Washington and was saved by the Lord after moving to Seattle for college. It was then that God began deprogramming her, gently calling her into reality and unveiling who she was. After getting married and having children, the Lord started training her on the streets of her city; praying for people, prophesying, leading people to salvation, even public deliverance and activation. It has been an adventure!

In 2015, Alison attended an event and came face to face with members of the church of satan. Being in Christian circles most of her life, she had never been taught that the enemy’s camp organized like this. At that point, she began researching and listening to peoples’ testimonies of escape from the occult and government projects. She also began learning about how the New World Order had pushed their agenda and infiltrated every level of society.

In 2018, we entered a prophetic timeline and acceleration and in May of that year, God led Alison to approach a homeless women in order to pray for her. In the process of getting to know her story, the woman disclosed that the local gangs were involved in satanic rituals. From that point on, Alison began meeting other survivors of SRA by divine appointment. When she asked the Lord why she was meeting people with this background He informed her that she was going to help them. He then led her to BRIDE Ministries for her training and the rest is history!

It was the harrowing testimonies of survivors that inspired Alison to start her own healing journey and it is from a place of eternal gratitude for the survivor community that she now wages war.

Let me introduce myself...

Let me introduce myself...

My Heart

My heart is to restore all things to its intended purpose and design and to bring alignment with the will of God into the earth. All of God’s people are invited to embark on a journey of healing, equipping, and fulfillment (2 Timothy 2:20-21). Even Jesus went through a process in order to fulfill His destiny, “And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man” (Luke 2:52).

My heart is to help people on their journey so they are able to get into position for their destiny. This requires interpretation of seasons as well as healing and deliverance, strategy, activation, and discipleship. As kingdom people, we need help negotiating our design and activating our gifts and inheritance.

God is with us wherever we go and I decree you will experience new realms of abundance that Jesus won for you as you go forth. Set your face like flint and know you shall not be ashamed! (Isaiah 50:7)

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Education & Background

Alison holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Seattle Pacific University. After which she was launched into a Human Resource career working in government. There she was refined in fire; assisting in a department-wide reorganization and learned to navigate competing agendas, layers of bureaucracy, and legalities all while advancing a new vision.

She is also a licensed esthetician and owned a spa for many years. She is a trained and selected coach with BRIDE Ministries, class of 2022. Alison is a lifelong learner and is looking forward to future educational adventures

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Justin and wife

This coach is going to get booked up fast!! She really hears from the Holy Spirit she doesn’t play games she goes head first. She’s knows what she is doing. She didn’t just read prayers we had a serious encounter with God through this prophetess. Her heart is in this. We are ditching our Christian marriage counseling for coach Weston. We will keep you in prayer.

1 month ago

Very precise and genuine. Was not expecting this but I had a feeling that God set this up. He knew what we needed in a short notice.

1 month ago

Truly Alison is a special representation of God’s Kingdom. I have partnered with her in a good deal of coaching sessions ranging from soul part reintegration or separation, generational soul issues, spiritual cleansing, strongholds, and soul tie removals. As well as her pronounced deliverance ministry, Alison coached me through sessions equipping my spirit for my assignments including stars, realms, identity, core spiritual anointing & gifting, etc. The enemy is cunning, and Alison navigated me through a time/dimensional issue. She is well equipped to coach these topics. However, perhaps her greatest attributes are her sensitivities to the Holy Spirit in the Prophetic and Word of Knowledge. On many occasions, she was able to speak to me about what I was seeing before I declared it. Alison declared over me extraordinary prophecies, many of which were confirmations of words I received previously. Powerful equipping and overcoming! If my story resonates with you, I highly recommend her. Certainly, Alison is called for such a time as this!

1 month ago

Alison is definitely called to this ministry and I’m so thankful she answered the call! She is genuine, caring and gifted. She hears clearly from the Lord and follows His lead. Alison is a blessing to the body of Christ!!

4 weeks ago

Alison is a powerful addition to the BRIDE Coaching Team! I have only met with her once so far, but Alison did not waste any time and we got straight to business of getting my memories back and healing trauma and programming that have been derailing God’s purpose for my life since my childhood. Alison hears very clearly from the Holy Spirit and operates in her prophetic gift with boldness, compassion and grace. I am so grateful that God provided for us to meet just at the right time and very excited about everything He is going to accomplish through our sessions!

3 weeks ago

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