Carla Dippel

DID Coach Mentorship Program Graduate, Class of 2021

My session today was amazing! I was able to overcome a problem I’ve had for my whole life and even more for the last twenty years!
I was so blessed to have 2 sessions with Carla. Carla’s compassion put me at ease right away. Her sensitivity to the Holy Spirit made the session advance quickly to the roots of my issues. Carla’s understanding of Dan Duval’s prayers helped bring freedom. The sessions were life changing. Thank you.

Carla Dippel is...

...Graduate and Volunteer

Carla resides in Alberta, Canada. She has a Bachelors in Music, which is her first love. Carla has focused primarily on teaching piano for the last 20 years, enjoying rich one-on-one relationships with her students and their families. Carla has always had a passion for growth, and healing, for herself and those she loves. She has focused on Jesus Christ and His desire to see ALL people whole and functioning at their highest potential: this very desire is what led her to Bride Ministries. Carla has had her own business for a number of years, working in numerous different venues to promote family and unity in her community and sphere of influence. Carla has also been an active member of a multinational deliverance and inner healing ministry team, which is what ultimately led her to Bride Ministries. Having now been trained as a DID coach by Dan Duval, she is very excited to continue serving others in this new capacity, which resonates perfectly with her deeper passions. Carla is very relational and has many friends and family, both near and far. She shares her home with her much loved doodle companion, Liberty.

Let me introduce myself...

Let me introduce myself...

My Heart

I have always had a tender heart towards those deeply hurting, the outsiders and misunderstood. I also have a strong territorial heart, feeling adamant that people’s boundaries be respected and seeing the injustice of those being taken advantage of in any way. I know these qualities are an echo of my Father’s heart. My walk is to let His heart take over more and more territory in my own and to pour out to others from His love and desire for them.

In 2017, I went through my first deliverance experience, which changed my life in ways I could not have imagined, healing issues I had pursued many “self help” avenues to fix. God opened my eyes to the realities and power of the spirit realm.

I carry a deep yearning for creation to be brought back to its original design and know that this is truly where deep healing takes place. I feel the Father’s heart for His children and all He has created to be brought back to the fullness of who He intended us to be, unblocked by the lies and manipulations of the enemy.

Engaging through intimacy with Him and receiving His perspective is my favorite part of every coaching session. I also love the Shepherd who defends His sheep with His rod and staff and clears abusive traders out from His temple! As His daughter, I am so honored to walk alongside broken hearts with tenderness and compassion and assist as He restores and empowers them according to His perfect grace-filled plans and purposes that extend beyond what we could ask or imagine.

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Education & Background

Carla graduated from the BRIDE Ministries DID Coach Mentorship training in 2021 and is a Trained and Selected Volunteer Coach. Having enjoyed years of teaching many piano students, accompanying for ballet classes, and operating her own Jane of All Trades business, she brings a high level of interpersonal experience and collaboratory skill to sessions with her clients, with her deepest co-labor and ongoing training being with Holy Spirit, the Father, and Jesus.

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Carla was very compassionate, sought the heart of the Father and listened intently to the Holy Spirit. My session with her was fruitful and fun as Holy Spirit brought laughter and freedom.

12 months ago
Leaette McCallister

Carla is very sensitive to Holy Spirit, figures out quickly what is needed and is warm and very professional.

2 months ago

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