Dianne Poore

BRIDE Ministries Volunteer & Coach

“I understand more about the Babylonian soul trade or cosmic soul trade now than I ever have. There is a sexual sin that I commit through lust and pornography that I felt powerless to stop doing. There is a correlation between when I do that and the severity of the targeting I receive…I have decided to be more chaste with my body. I know, it seems so obvious, but for me, I felt so hopelessly stuck in the dungeon that I couldn’t see my own sin as a contributing factor. I have been taking communion on my own, thank you for reminding me to keep doing that.”
“I was being attacked by something that felt like spiders crawling over me at night. We went to the Court of Heaven and dealt with the demon causing it. The spiders are now gone!”

Dianne Poore is...

...Volunteer and Coach

She is a highly experienced and committed coach to those who need inner healing and deliverance. Dianne began her ministry journey in 2003. She began facilitating several 12-Step groups and biblically based individual counseling, which soon became her passion. She held many leadership positions and enjoyed training others who were called to be biblical counselors. Wanting to focus on providing help for the victims of all levels of trauma, sexual abuse and seeing the need for strong marriages, she co-led a new outreach ministry through her local church that helped meet the counseling needs of the church and community at large. Through this experience, she was sought out by occult members and victims in the area to get free from the shackles that held them captive. Seeing the need for this type of help worldwide, she branched out through social media and began doing online counseling to those outside the US, particularly to those who had suffered satanic ritual abuse (SRA) or had dissociative identity disorder (DID).

She operates strongly in her giftings as a discerner and seer and has been operating in the Courts of Heaven for many years and enjoys teaching this to others. Dianne is genuine and transparent about her own experiences and has helped hundreds of people all over the world with their healing journeys and receiving the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ. She has been a Presidential Member of the American Association of Christian Counselors since 2015 where she receives on-going training. She is also entrepreneurial and owned an IT company for 14 years. Equipping others and encouraging people in their own special circumstances is her strength. Dianne lives in San Antonio, TX with her family and two pups.

Let me introduce myself...

Let me introduce myself...

My Heart

When I was walking my personal healing path many years ago, I reached out to trusted ministers and lay counselors at my church. I was determined to right the wrongs in my life and knew I needed to seek help to do that. At that point in my life, I did not even know who I was. I had been living for everyone around me and had been programmed to ‘obey’ – to be the compliant, silent woman who would not dare rock the boat. I was in for a surprise when that all unraveled.

During that season of my life, what I consistently noticed was that helping ministers, support group facilitators, and counselors were unfaithful in their commitments to the people they served. I had to start over countless times with people who were total strangers only to have them quit after a short period of time.

Having to do that made me feel so unsafe! Later, when I was called into the healing and deliverance ministry, I made a commitment to the Lord that I would “hang in there” with people and that He would need to give me the tools and provision for me to be able to handle the cost of discipleship.

It has now been almost twenty years of ministry and I am truly honored to walk with people in the most vulnerable areas of their lives. I provide a safe environment and empower my clients to be victorious. I love doing this because I want to witness their victory. I praise God that He has given me the opportunity to be the warrior I was created to be and shake the gates of hell. I understand now that the enemy attacks us at our design: he will hurt us where it hurts the most. When we understand how we get attacked, then we can begin to understand the power of our Heavenly gifts. I will not only help you get free but also discover your gifts and calling in Jesus. Be blessed and be in Peace!

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Education & Background

Dianne Poore provides coaching for a variety of causes of deep-level trauma and dissociation. She uses proven techniques and prayers, utilizing the Court of Heaven to remove the legal rights of bondage. She easily navigates inner realms and outer realms of captivity by seeing the problem and bringing justice and healing to the situation.

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