Jennifer Sandidge

DID Coach Mentorship Program Graduate, Class of 2021

I believe there was a major breakthrough in the area where the enemy was stealing from me. I have major issues with blockages and barriers: I would explain it in a way like you have to chop a lot of rock to get to the diamond. It is not an over night accomplishment.
I totally loved it! We made huge progress and at the perfect time in my life. I felt God working in me and working through my coaches. They heard Him and helped me understand what was happening in the spirit realm. It was amazing.

Jennifer Sandidge is...

...Graduate and Volunteer

Jennifer is a native Texan, born with a desire to travel and meet people. God fulfilled that desire as He arranged for her to travel extensively and live in Japan for a season as a young adult. Although raised in church, she took a prodigal journey which lasted a number of years. Her healing journey began in earnest at age 25, and God has continued to grow her up toward all that He has planned for her. Jennifer has had many roles in life as a student in nursing school, then in education and finally in business. After graduation from the University of Texas, she has held many roles including a waitress, a salesperson, a business owner, an educator from pre-school to high school, in public school, private school, and Sunday school. She is a prayer minister, a wife, and a mother. She has been relentless in her search for truth and freedom. Her love for Jesus has been ever-present, even while ‘eating with the pigs’. In her journey to freedom and wholeness, God introduced her to Daniel Duval via “Discovering the Truth” podcast in 2018. Daniel’s ministry was the final, vital, key for wholeness. His ministry was necessary to unlock mysteries and illuminate darkness, to reveal hidden treasure. Jennifer is passionate about freedom for all people and desires to see the captives set free as mandated in Isaiah 61.

Let me introduce myself...

Let me introduce myself...

My Heart

With each successive podcast of Daniel’s, while learning more and more of the shear depths of depravity of our enemy, my heart continually cried out for justice and freedom for evil’s victims. In one of Hope’s interviews with Daniel, she tells of asking PapaGod what took Him so long to help her. His reply was (my paraphrase) that He had been asking for 30 years and had asked thousands of people when finally, Daniel said “Yes”.

Daniel was the one who, after all those years, agreed to stand in the gap for survivors of SRA. Upon hearing Hope’s words, I said, “Please God, let me be a ‘Yes’ too! I, also, want to be a help for You, so that survivors don’t have to wait 30 years like Hope did!” Once again, God fulfilled the desires of my heart. He opened the door for me to be a ‘Yes’ in His Kingdom as it is being made manifest on earth as it is in Heaven!

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Education & Background

Jennifer has a BBA from The University of Texas. She is certified to teach Special Education in the State of Texas. She has several other certifications in business and management. She has been trained by Beth Shalom Ministries, John G. Lake Ministries, and Terraforming Ministry. She has volunteered as a prayer minister using these approaches for freedom and deliverance. In addition, Jennifer was a volunteer on the prayer line for LRM Ministry, as well as with Taking It to The Streets feeding the homeless.

Upon discovering Daniel Duval and BRIDE Ministries in 2018, Jennifer has studied, trained, and participated in all things BRIDE. She is a graduate of the Class of 2021 BRIDE Ministries DID Coach Mentorship Program. Throughout her life, Jennifer has traveled extensively, lived in other countries, and has had roles in business, education, and ministry. She has been a teacher from preschool to high school, owner of several businesses, and a prayer minister for several groups.

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Sharon Davids

Caring, compassionate, patient, insightful and loves partnering with Holy Spirit.
Such a blessing

1 year ago
Connie Taylor

I am so happy to be working with Jennifer on my Journey to wholeness in Christ. She has lead me to break down great barriers and feel and see the true Jesus Christ and not the fake one. I am so happy she is a Bride Ministries Coach.

1 year ago

She is sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading, and is actively walking in her seer gift, which is so very important in helping the survivor, when in Fear or doubt! She is not just doing her job, but has a Spiritual Momma’s heart of compassion, is genuine and sincere, which the DID PARTS NEED! And most importantly, SHE IS SAFE, for you and all your Parts!

10 months ago
Jeannie Amato

Very good session. Felt safe and like that I am getting my spirit set free and finding out the truth.

8 months ago
Jessie Seagler

Jennifer walked me through a decade of brokenness! She was on point with the Holy Spirit in ministering deliverance and healing to my being.

3 months ago

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