Joe Wilson

DID Coach Mentorship Program Graduate, Class of 2020

“Joe is ‘strong and courageous’. He seeks the heart AND the power of God in prayer for his clients. He’s a good listener with a strong seer gift, and is willing to adapt his strategy as the situation evolves. He continues to pray and check in between sessions, demonstrating genuine, focused care.”
“Thank you for beating up the devil for me, Joe.”

Joe Wilson is...

...Graduate and Volunteer

General Joe Wilson was born and raised in a Christian home in Northwest Florida. He graduated from the US Naval Academy and took a commission in the US Marine Corps where he advanced to the rank of Captain. After the military, he pursued a career in engineering. During this time, Joe was very active in church and raised two children with his lovely wife Aileen. Then, the Lord opened the heavens and anointed him as a warrior, then General in the Host. Joe is now retired from engineering, and the God has anointed and mandated him as a DID coach.

Let me introduce myself...

Let me introduce myself...

My Heart

My heart really goes out to those who have to deal with DID and other oppression from the enemy. The smoldering wick, the broken reeds: God has a special place in his heart for them. So do I. Looking back, I can see God’s hands moving in my life to train and prepare me for today’s journey. The training and mentorship by Daniel Duval and Bride Ministries is the latest installment. God said he would give us the desires of our heart. This ministry fulfills that promise for me, and I am thankful every day for the opportunity.

I began helping my first client in 2013 and because of the amazing grace upon my life, was able to create an approach to helping survivors with extraordinary success and acceleration!

For this reason, I am here for the long-term to see to the creation of novel solutions and resources for survivors of every trauma background. I am here to raise up leaders and ministers that will effectively minister to broken and devastated souls around the world. I see the centrality of survivors to the plans of God in the last days and have dedicated my life to connecting survivors to their role in the agenda of heaven!

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Education & Background

 Joe Wilson brings a wide range of gifts and experience to the table to open the heavens and tear apart the strongholds of the enemy. His heart is as big as his sword, and he takes the fight to the enemy. He leans heavily on the Holy Spirit and the Lion of Judah to bring healing to those that seek truth. Successful completion of the Bride Ministries Mentorship Program added a well-equipped toolbox to his ministry. A seer, prophet, and warrior has found that the love of Christ is the most powerful weapon of all and offers help and hope for many in bondage, oppressed and or broken.

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