Kathy Bigby

DID Coach Mentorship Program Graduate, Class of 2020

“Kathy helped me through deliverance, spirit activation and some soul work. She was very caring, patient, non-judgmental and didn’t ask unnecessary personal questions, so I felt comfortable working through my stuff with her. I experienced a lot of personal breakthroughs during that time, as well as in my marriage.”
“I have known Kathy for just over 3 years and am incredibly blessed by both her friendship and ministry. The “first fruits” of her impact for me personally were more life changing than I had experienced working with anyone else. Since then, her prayers and coaching continue to bear fruit. My spirit is more active, I’m engaging my realm more dynamically, and I’ve experienced deliverance breakthroughs in a variety of ways, both in my soul and spirit.”

Kathy Bigby is...

...Graduate and Volunteer

Kathy lives in Washington State with her husband of 50 years. God spoke audibly to Kathy when she was 26 years old, telling her to, “Take care of My Children.” The next day Kathy, and her husband Rodger, began training to become therapeutic foster parents. Kathy and Rodger have 3 biological sons, 3 adopted daughters and 27 grown foster children. For 20 years they specialized in caring for teenagers and teen parents, and at times had 10 teenagers, and babies, in their family home. In 1978 Kathy and Rodger purchased a 7000 square foot home on five acres so they would have room for as many children as God sent their way. Their family van was an old green, retired, full sized, “Job Corp” bus (much to their chagrin of their children). Once a child came into the Bigby home they became a permanent part of their family.

The Bigby children are all grown now, and all are married with children, and grandchildren, of their own. Rodger and Kathy are no longer foster parents but are a part of all their children and grandchildren’s lives; biological, adopted and foster.

Let me introduce myself...

Let me introduce myself...

My Heart

Kathy firmly believes that all of God’s children are called to a victorious life, and her coaching ministry reflects this. Kathy believes we are all completely free in Christ, profoundly loved by God and called to “life altering obedient” surrender to Holy Spirit: she believes this is where our victory is. This is where (in Him), why (for love) and how (in surrender) we rule and reign on earth.

It’s Kathy’s greatest desire, and life call, to help as many as possible step into their total freedom in Christ Jesus, and then discover how to walk in their own truly unique and amazing identity in Him. Kathy believes it is a profound honor, and labor of love, to journey with others in their quest for God’s healing, freedom and unparalleled, individual, identity and calling in Him.

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Education & Background

Kathy is a published author, has a Doctorate in Ministry from Wagner Leadership Institute, and is a 2020 graduate of Bride Ministries, and Dan Duval’s, DID Coach Mentoring Program.

The Lord called Kathy to the office of prophet in January 7, 2007 in a powerful and profound vision. Although flowing in the prophetic has always been a part of Kathy’s life, and was the most powerful factor in her success as a foster parent, she now uses her prophetic office and gift in her deliverance and coaching ministry, as well as training and leading a deliverance team in Washington and Canada.

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Christina Velarde
Salman Ahmad

Going with Kathy was a good pick for me. I have benefited with her coaching. This has opened my eyes. She’s very knowledgeable in her field.

1 year ago
Jana Hall
Salman Ahmad

I initially chose Kathy because she lives in Washington state, where I live. I was thrilled to find out that we have so much in common. I have been meeting with her weekly for the past 2 1/2 months and I love her enthusiasm and zest for life. I feel very blessed to have Kathy’s guidance and support as I engage in my deliverance and healing journey.

1 year ago
Salman Ahmad

Coach Kathy has the ear of YHWH. I know for a fact that YHWH uses her to identify and interpret highly integrated parts and issues that affect my soul and spirit. I am so grateful that she is both skilled in discerning of spirits and well equipped with the word of YHWH. She also has a very joyful heart which makes it easy to relax with her.

10 months ago
Nancy Bennett
Salman Ahmad

She is one of the most loving people I have ever met. She is a true follower of Jesus and I have received so much help from her in so many ways. I trust her with my heart

7 months ago
Salman Ahmad

Longing to experience the encounter through You ma’am

7 months ago

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