Kendra McDonald

DID Coach Mentorship Program Coordinator

“At a very difficult, daunting time in my life, even terrifying, I found Kendra’s ministry to me very support and effective. Gifted spiritually, her coaching has brought healing on a scale I couldn’t have anticipated just a few short months ago. I admire her deep walk with the Lord Jesus as well as her laughter and zeal for life in herself and in others.”
“…Kendra leads with compassion and often finishes with a group activation to address the day’s challenges, wheeee. She gatekeeps an atmosphere where transparency is a weapon, and we get to share each other’s victories in real time, together. We learn how powerful we are as we express our circumstances, sadness, fear, testimonies, and laughter in the face of extraordinary challenges. We learn how to hold each other’s hearts in love and to hand the burdens over to God. We see the Power of God working in micro + macro levels in each other’s lives on the daily and over time. That perspective and context from people I know really helps when my process becomes overwhelming…”

Kendra McDonald is...

...the Program Coordinator

Kendra is a friend of Jesus and walks in his Grace, watching him bind up the broken. She is passionate about seeing people walking in genuine intimacy with the King of Kings, Jesus Christ. The Father hand crafted her with a curiosity and love for His Word and creation, especially His people.

She has worked alongside counselors and educators, enhancing most environments with joy, kindness, mercy, and safety. She loves building and maintaining community, believing that healthy environments help foster healthy individuals.

Part of being a healthy person is safety, and Kendra has continuously demonstrated herself as a safe person, fostering safe environment. She is also a safe place for sensitive stories and truths people would not normally share with others. She not only holds these records of testimony securely but with honor and protective safe keeping.

Kendra has actively studied under Daniel Duval’s teaching since 2014. She raised her hand and completed volunteer training in 2016. Since then, she has moderated numerous fellowship and support groups, providing a constant and safe space that allows for genuine sharing and reception.

She enjoys physical activity, particularly roller skating, board games with friends and family, and spending time with the trees in natural places. She currently resides in Texas with her sweet husband and children.

Let me introduce myself...

Let me introduce myself...

My Heart

Although I have been in numerous education settings, my training has been in counseling, life coaching, and prayer activation. I am especially fond of blending the various disciplinary tools while engaging Jesus and the Holy Spirit to provide a tailored space for the individual or group experience.

I understand people may have areas they struggle with and not know other ways of thinking or behaving or the remedy to get them out from underneath whatever is weighing them down. I sit with people and listen to the most important things or areas in their lives in which they want to see growth, improvement, or breakthrough. I listen to their broken heartedness and help them hold their pain.

I take a journey with them, and sometimes, we start right in the middle of where the trauma has them and step into different perspectives and processing places to glean from, learn from, and especially receive healing and breakthrough from Jesus. And, we watch Jesus use that life and light to redeem the trauma places.

The areas of wounding and hurt receive life and redemption, so that these individuals learn to share and help others, bringing more vitality and life into other places where Death would have otherwise reigned.

I trust Jesus Christ to come into my sessions as the Wonderful Counselor and lead and guide the session. I love taking the journey with the individuals, and I especially love linking arms with the Lion of Judah as we take the journey with the broken-hearted. Jesus moves my heart with Mercy and Compassion.

God made me with a deep empathy and capacity to hold another’s pain and carry other people’s stories. God has healed and continues to restore my own heart, teaching me to function within His heart realm while engaging ministry. He also gave me an amazing spirit housed full of amazing gifts to help manifest his love, compassion, mercy, and adoration for His creation and people.

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Education & Background

Kendra began her formal training by pursuing an Education degree in English; however, God had a different plan he began revealing in the beginning of College Sophomore year. She switched her major to Psychology and received an Associates from Amarillo College in 2004. She then continued her studies and received a Bachelor of Art in Psychology from West Texas A&M University in 2007.

Kendra believed God would direct her to Bible College or seminary and even applied to a handful of places; however, the Father had a different idea. Kendra stayed at West Texas A&M University and completed a Masters of Art in Counseling in 2010.

Kendra pursued counseling licensure for a season, learning play therapy, family and marriage counseling, and child group therapy. This was the foundation God used to build on when Kendra was introduced to Daniel Duval and Prayer Coaching.

God confirmed and tailor made the methodology Kendra follows today. Although she is not a licensed counselor, she is a talented steward of relationship, leaning into the intimacy she shares with Jesus, Holy Spirit, and the Father.

Specializes in the following areas:

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