Alexandria Peters

DID Coach Mentorship Program Graduate, Class of 2022

Alexandria is absolutely amazing, and my Spirit, personal angel, and parts and alters love her. Alexandria has given me the confidence to be able to move forward quickly and to lean on the Holy Spirit for guidance
She taught me other things by inserting comments about things she knows, nodding her head, and affirming things I was sheepishly branching out on. She spoke out loud when she got material confirmation of what I said or what she had previously sensed, and that also really helped me see how you can confirm or not by material validation and evidence. I felt the timing for me was too soon because of some chaos I’ve had going on for several months, but I sensed in my spirit it was now time to meet with her. And it WAS. God worked it out in every way to form His purpose and plan. I am so thankful for her and for all of it. God bless her! No words and no material gift can match what I believe was just imparted to me through Alexandria and her work. I am eternally grateful. Thank you all so much.

Alexandria Peters is...

...Bride Ministries Coach

Alexandria is an Ordained Minister who lives in Lapwai, Idaho, on the Nez Perce Tribe Reservation. She and her husband have been married for nearly 28 years with two incredible adult children.

She is a DID (through trauma and bloodline) overcomer who was successfully healed by Jesus through a series of prophetic dreams 12 years ago. The ministry done by Jesus in those dreams is very similar to the ministry you may receive here by trained coaches. It was a part of the reason she decided to join this ministry.

She is a pioneer in the Prophetic Feeler/Empath Community. Twenty-one years ago, Alexandria surrendered her empathic abilities to God. She was stuck on the floor for hours as He poured out his liquid love. He redeemed her gift through the Sensory Seer (Prophetic Feeler) gate, and she has been using them for His glory ever since. It is common for her body to experience heating sensations, lightning of God, others’ feelings, emotions, and the angelic around her. She has also put together a scripture dictionary for body sensations. For example, you might have a heat-like sensation in your right Arm. She helps you navigate (with the help of the Holy Spirit) through your own personal experience and the scriptures relating to Arm, how God might be speaking to you personally, and the following steps to take.

Alexandria also has a passion for working with God’s Elements (Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water) and their redemption. She is a fire starter in the Lord!
Jeremiah 20:9 (NIV) – his word is in my heart like a fire, a fire shut up in my bones. I am weary of holding it in; indeed, I cannot

Let me introduce myself...

Let me introduce myself...

My Heart

I love to teach & equip.

Most people get to a point where they crave something more for their lives: freedom, forward progress, going to deeper places, or knowing the One who created them, and I am no exception. About three years ago, I became thirsty but couldn’t find a well to drink from. Additionally, when I saw a friend or went to a conference, I was constantly approached with the same word, “deeper.” In all transparency, I became annoyed whenever someone came to me with that word. I remember thinking, do I need to pray harder, faster, longer? I was contemplating on anything that could take me “deeper”.

Then God gave me a dream, and in that dream, I looked at a very deep pool, but there was no water to be found. A friend gave me two numbers, saying they would connect me to a well.

I woke up and looked up the two numbers in the Strong Dictionary. 1223 and 3563, Dianoia: deep thought, the facility (mind or disposition) by its exercise -imagination and understanding.

To go deeper into the adventure, I had to allow God to challenge my perception of the physical and supernatural realms. This meant tearing down some old theologies and belief systems in my heart and trusting God in the scriptures and the constant evidence He presented. This step-by-step Walking with Jesus transformed my life, and my hope is to help others do the same.

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Education & Background

Alexandria has 18 years of experience in special education, was a positive behavioral interventionist, and did administrative work at the elementary and high school levels. She also has 16 years of ministry experience as a Cafe owner (provided a space for community ministry and worship), Pastor, Author, Worship Leader, and founder of Unique Fire 52 Coaching.

Specializes in the following areas:

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