Heike Seeholzer

DID Coach Mentorship Program Graduate, Class of 2020

“Under the guidance of the coaching I received from Heike Seeholzer I was able to release many burdens that I had been struggling with. Through different exercises and getting in touch with my spirit man, I was able to begin the journey to healing and release the pain of my experiences. My wife and I am grateful to BRIDE Ministries for the continued work that the Lord is performing through them.”
“I am thankful for the kindness Heike showed me and my messy parts.”

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I am originally from Germany.  After moving to the USA, I had the opportunity to live with my family in five different states and I am now residing in Georgia.  Many years ago, I met my American husband, who was at that time stationed in Germany as part of the U.S. Air Force and it was he, who brought me to the US. Last year I naturalized and became an American citizen, in addition to my German citizenship.

I must admit, moving around via military assignments during his 20 years of service has enriched our lives tremendously, living in Germany and in the US. My German educational nursing background proved to be incompatible in the U.S. and therefore I went back to school in the U.S. to do something different than nursing and got a BA in English from UMGC and a BS in Political Science from UNO.  Meanwhile our 3 kids left home and have started their own families.  Vocationally, throughout the years I concentrated on being a language instructor and translator, as well as occasionally working as an interpreter.  Also, I was very involved in the prayer movement nationally and internationally and have prayed for and counseled many women in a basic biblical capacity within the church environment. I believe the Lord lead me into coaching because it is the next step in my journey, and I am now able to apply spiritual prayers to untangle and disengage those who are called to be overcomers.

Let me introduce myself...

Let me introduce myself...

My Heart

Ever since I have worked in deliverance ministry, I have seen its limits and always wondered about those barriers. Only after I heard Daniel’s teaching and his spiritual revelations did I begin to understand that those limitations and barriers were coming from a sinful system straight from darkness. It comes from the rebellion that originated in heaven and is now being played out here on Earth. Jesus came to our earthly realm and redeemed everything that has been affected by this dark rebellion. Now, we are His children of light, manifesting His victory and redemption. More of that victory needs to be carried forth.

I want so much to see God’s love and total freedom administered to those who are/were captured by darkness. My coaching experiences with Daniel have allowed me to understand that darkness is limited by light and all the weaponry God freely gives us. I am thankful that through the BRIDE Ministries Mentorship, I am now able to give attention to survivors through coaching and applying spiritual prayers to untangle and disengage those who are really called His overcomers.

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Education & Background

I went to school in Germany and finished schooling with a German type of high school degree. After high school, I entered nursing, completing first a geriatric nursing degree and went on to extend my education with a general nursing degree. Due to my marriage to an American citizen and being exposed to the American education system, I had to change gears. My German nursing degree proved to be incompatible to the American system, so I went back to school, obtaining a BA in English from UMGC and a BS in Political Science from UNO. Currently, I am in the process of finishing my MA in professional counseling.

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Tania Hagen
Salman Ahmad

Heike has been part of my journey out of DID and ritual abuse . In my sessions with her the Lord Jesus has done amazing things to take me forward into more freedom for my parts who have really responded to her kind and gentle spirit. I recommend Heike to anyone who is searching for healing from the Father.

2 years ago
Salman Ahmad

She is a blessing straight from heaven…. Has helped keep me from giving up on life many times

1 year ago

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