Alex Valero

DID Coach Mentorship Program Graduate, Class of 2020

“Alex is absolutely fun to work with. He truly knows how to co-partner with Abba Father in getting to the root of the issue quickly. I have achieved massive accelerated healing since working with him.”
“I have been thru several different ministries over the years, trying to get help. I got some help, but they did not have the knowledge that Alex Valero has received thru the BRIDE Ministries training and his own healing journey. Just in a few sessions, we have gotten to things that other ministries could not get to or got to but did not know what to do. I have found him to be easy to work with. I would give him 5 stars.”

Alex Valero is...

...Bride Ministries Coach

Pastor Alex Valero is a survivor and overcomer of Satanic Ritual Abuse and Illuminati defector. He grew up in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and moved to the United States in July 2005. After a very “Promising” future in the kingdom of darkness, the Lord Jesus Christ saved him and called him into ministry. He endured a very intense season of inner healing and deliverance after defecting the Illuminati.

In 2019, Daniel Duval journeyed with and graduated Alex from being his client. This journey is featured in detail on Discovering Truth with Dan Duval. Alex also finished as a “first-fruits” graduate of the 2020 BRIDE Ministries Mentorship Program, completing with high scores. He is now the assistant pastor at the Bride Ministries Church in Katy and pastor of the Bride Ministries Coaches. Alex resides in Katy, Tx. with his beautiful wife and children.

Let me introduce myself...

Let me introduce myself...

My Heart

After receiving salvation from my LORD and Savior Jesus Christ, my journey of inner healing and deliverance began. As a survivor, I experienced bullying from the enemy in my being (body, soul and spirit). Now, I feel a large responsibility to help the people of God get set free, and in the process, we get to bully back the devil!! 😉

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Education & Background

Alex Valero graduated from the BRIDE Ministries Mentorship Program in December 2020. He has been approved as a Volunteer Coach for BRIDE Ministries Inc coaching scholarship recipients while building his personal coaching business.

Alex receives his formal training through Jesus Christ and His Kingdom. He continues with the Lion of the Tribe Judah in a “boots-on-the-ground” way, following the leads and promptings of the Holy Spirit and receiving Understanding and good Counsel directly from the Father.

Specializes in the following areas:

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Sandra Gardea

Yo quiero expresar mi sentir para mi Hno Alex Valero muy profesional en mi sesión que tuve con el de 2 hrs.
Muy profesional y enfocado en lo que hace como coach me sentí familiarisada con el pues somos de la misma cd Juárez Chih. Y quiero seguir mis sesiones con el y poder llegar a una sanidad interior!! Mil gracias Alex y bendiciones!!

2 years ago
Teresa Gonzalez

I have been working with Alex for a little over 8 months. I came to Bride in desperate condition from tormenting in my mind and a fragmented state. The first session providing immediate relief with a flush of programming and we then began to work through layers of blocked memories, trauma and iniquity that was destroying my life. I had massive breakthrough in a short time, and wholeness within the first six months. I am now working on activation and equipping and he is a wealth of knowledge and has been blessed with gifts that assist me in identifying areas needing to be healed and sealed! In addition, he is a wonderful and kind person who is both encouraging and challenging. I am not sure I could have made it out of my entanglements without his guidance. It has been absolutely life changing! I am so grateful God blessed me with a coach who could help me after years of searching! Thank you JESUS!

2 years ago
Pamela Boggus

I have been in healing Ministry for 20 years and never have I experienced this indepth of healing for my daughter and for myself. We all have a past of areas in our life where we have been through trauma or shock and other issues that left trails of hurt or pain. God wants us to be healed delivered and set free! Alex, did a one hour with our daughter who has been dealing with Schitzo effective disorder and bipolar. I saw a beginning of a positive change in her that never happened before and she is better still 3 months later but needs more sessions and I had no idea with one session I had what I experienced and was set free from! God has truly blessed this Bride Ministries with hidden keys of healing I have ever seen or known, I am grateful to Our Heavenly Father that He gave them so we truly can be delivered, Healed and set free from all soul fragments and mindset-programing , entrapments that Satan has done! Thank you Alex would love to have more sessions for us both! Blessings!

5 months ago

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