Hayley O’Connor

DID Coach Mentorship Program Graduate, Class of 2021

I am so grateful for Hayley’s mentoring. She taught me to listen to my spirit, and her sensitivity to the Holy Spirit was vital to exposing what needed to be dealt with in me. Her gentleness and insightfulness were key to my feeling safe and being able to respond and see what was emotionally difficult for me to see.
Hayley has been warm and and safe to share with. I have confidence in her ability to lead our sessions and I will fully recommend her to anyone seeking prophetic coaching, healing, deliverance and breakthrough.

Hayley O’Connor is...

...Graduate and Volunteer

Hayley is an experienced parent and educator coach, program facilitator and presenter in the area of children’s emotional and social development with a long-held interest in trauma and dissociation. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Psychology at the University of South Australia and graduated from the BRIDE Ministries DID Coach Mentorship Program in December 2021. With a strong mercy heart and teaching gift, Hayley uses her experience operating in the Courts of Heaven, spiritual warfare, inner healing, deliverance and integration to empower her clients to transform their inner world and relationship with Jesus, the Father and Holy Spirit. She is an active member and intern at her church, Field of Dreams in Adelaide, South Australia where she is part of a very prophetic community.

Let me introduce myself...

Let me introduce myself...

My Heart

Having walked through my own accelerated inner healing journey while undertaking the DID Coach Mentorship Program, University and working as a single parent, I know that the provision and goodness of God brought me here. Discovering I can engage Jesus, my Father, Holy Spirit and the Seven Spirits of God and interface with Heaven through my heart and sanctified creative imagination completely transformed my relationship with God many years ago. Cultivating my core beliefs and mindsets, tending to the wounds and lies and uncovering Heaven’s treasures and my spiritual inheritance through my heart garden has been a lifestyle since then.

It is my privilege to activate and restore identity in partnership with Heaven to the hearts of others, walking them through deliverance and inner healing unto purpose, sonship and the landing of scrolls. I love journeying with survivors and anyone looking to transform their inner world and relationship with Heaven. My Father created me for freedom, love and war, and I know that deliverance and coaching are an important part of what I was sent to the earth to do.

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Education & Background

Hayley is currently studying a Bachelor of Psychology at the University of South Australia and is a graduate of the 2021 BRIDE Ministries DID Coach Mentorship Program. She holds a diploma in Early Childhood Development (Uni SA), Level 2 Certificate in Foundations of Wellness Coaching (WCA) and has completed several short courses on understanding the Neurobiology of Complex Trauma through the Australian Childhood Foundation. Hayley came into the Mentorship Program with some experience in deliverance, inner healing and integration, having studied Bethel SOZO and other models of inner healing and deliverance, but has been seeking out training specifically for coaching SRA Survivors for 20 years. Hayley is an experienced parent and educator coach and trainer, a qualified facilitator of Circle of Security International Parenting Program and Tuning in to Kids programs designed to help parents and teachers emotion coach their children. With a strong interest in emotional intelligence, individual needs profiling and training others, Hayley was a Community Hub Manager and Early Years Program Coordinator until she moved from a small mining town in the South Australian Desert to her home city of Adelaide to complete her University studies and an internship at her church, Field of Dreams Australia.

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Kellee W.

Wow! What an amazing 8 weeks with Hayley! It is said when the student is ready the Teacher will come. She has a beautiful teaching spirit in addition her Warrior leaves the enemy reeling not knowing what hit him! I am so grateful to have had her as my first introduction into Bride Ministries Counselors! I highly recommend Hayley.

10 months ago
Mona Ibrahim

Hayley is amazing, generous with her time. very helpful and very skilled

7 months ago

Hayley has been amazing, she has revealed so much that I didn’t know in order to assist me on my healing journey. She has cultivated a safe, non judgemental environment to bring about breakthrough. This has meant a lot to me as I have been through spiritual abuse so feeling safe is critical. She has helped in areas where no other ministry has been able to touch.
I have learned so much from Hayley, she is full of wisdom, humble & a powerhouse. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs healing & breakthrough.

3 months ago

Hayley has been pivotal in my healing journey. Her compassion, wisdom, and patience has been exactly what I’ve needed in order to experience trust. She encourages me in difficult moments and is the person who invites me to look into the scary details of my past. I’ve experienced so much in our sessions, but the most monumental was when she encouraged me to have an encounter with God when I was too scared; for that, I’m eternally grateful and most importantly, a changed person.

She is the person you want to come alongside your freeing moments, heartbreaking moments, and everything in between! She is incredibly easy to work with, is relatable, and doesn’t waste anytime on accomplishing what the Holy Spirit calls for in each session.

2 months ago

Hayley O’Connor has been, and is fantastic to work with, as a transition coach from a long-standing process with Dan Duval, to a new coach. Hayley is most definitely a safe place. Her expertise and gifting are diverse which opens up possibilities that have deepened the progress and process.
My spirit clapped hands and cheered when first we met Haley…the process continues as has relationship.
I would heartily recommend Hayley, for deep, truth, and heart coaching!

2 months ago

Right from the start I felt safe and at ease with Hayley. Her genuine interest and kindness is heart-warming. She has a beautiful balance between gentle guidance, support and strong leadership. Hayley is a true warrior. Her calm and confident approach is very reassuring. Working with Hayley is honestly such a joy. I’m incredibly grateful to have her as my coach.

2 months ago

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