Sandra Gosser

DID Coach Mentorship Program Graduate, Class of 2022

“Sandra is a blessing form God! Through working with her I’ve deepened my walk with God. She faithfully listens to the Lord to lead us through every session. As a Bride coach she understands the need our human spirits have for healing. She also is acutely aware that the healing is from the Lord. I love that Sandra always welcome the True Lord Jesus into our sessions and guides me to encounter Him according to His will and plans. With Sandra as a coach, you will be led to the higher levels of healing, deliverance and encounter your soul longs for and deserves.”
“Sandra has a loving, attentive approach to guide and lead me to further heights in my walk with The Lord. She takes her time and consults with The Holy Spirit to not leave anything out as well. I also appreciate her transparency, humility, and honesty. You feel Sandra has a vested interest in you as a person and your spiritual walk. I have confidence in her ability to lead our sessions and very much recommend her to anyone seeking ministry, healing, and breakthrough.”

Sandra Gosser is...

...Bride Ministries Coach

Sandra has been keenly aware of the spiritual dimension ever since she was little. Throughout her life, her empathetic heart led her to help others while also taking lead positions when needed. Due to religion, she often found herself limited in her pursuit of God. She needed answers and longed for a more direct, personal connection with Him.

At the age of 20, this deep-seated desire was answered with a series of events leading her to receive Jesus Christ as her Savior in the towel section at K-mart. The day after, God anointed her with the Holy Spirit, and she received a bible to read for herself. God’s divine intervention proved timely as she had just entered an abusive marriage. God’s rescue and redemptive plan allowed her to safely escape her abuser by miraculously placing her at Oral Roberts University. God sheltered her during this time, and she continued to advance in her relationship with him.

Ultimately, it was her pursuit of spiritual, inner healing that led her to Bride Ministries in 2016. Bride Ministries challenged her to face her past, and it was during this time God led her into true healing, purpose, direction, revelation, and identity while solidifying a powerful God centered Kingdom mandate. This mandate has driven her to passionately coach others to experience the same life changing breakthroughs using the Bride Ministries methodology.

Let me introduce myself...

Let me introduce myself...

My Heart

During my time with Bride Ministries, God lovingly provided critical healing and answers I needed. He revealed to me my role as a weapon for Christ. Coaching others cemented the realization that we’re all weapons for Christ. This explains why the devil wants to oppress us into powerlessness.

He knows when we’re healed and able to step into our full identity, we’ll become nuclear powerhouses for the Kingdom. Reaching our full potential terrifies the enemy, reminds him of his defeat and send him packing. With the Holy Spirit’s help, my heartfelt passion is to help others delve into their deep, dark places and expose it to the purifying light of Jesus.

Regardless of the trauma, separation, or the devices of the enemy, there is hope in our Lord. I have personally experienced this process and want to lead others to do the same. The whole chapter of Isaiah 61 is my Rhema word that has guided me for many years. One mention is setting the captives free, and that’s what God has called me to do. That is my mandate, and I will partner with Him to bring about His freedom to anyone in need. Father God cares and goes after the one, Luke 15: 3-7.

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Education & Background

Sandra graduated from Oral Roberts University in 1997 with a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Her specialty focused on children from birth to 19 years of age in the areas of trauma, critical care, and transport. Often working with families, she is familiar with how trauma affects everyone in the family unit. She graduated from Oklahoma University in 2008 with a master’s in Neonatology and became a Nurse Practitioner caring for sick and preterm babies.

She served in a medical capacity for both her church and the mission field. God always purposefully placed her exactly where she needed to be. Throughout her career, she has seen first-hand the devil has no limits on the depraved evil he fosters on God’s creation, especially children. Despite this, she has also seen the powerful hand of God interrupt the devil’s efforts through miracles and healing.

In 2020 she longed to see God function in her life beyond the hospital walls and began a new journey with Bride Ministries. Sandra is married to her college sweetheart who supported her throughout her healing journey and she is also an extremely proud mother of a son who is spiritually intuitive and loves Jesus. Sandra wanted to better understand the root cause of hurting, lost, sick, and/or defeated people. God answered by leading her to join the Bride Ministries coaching program from 2022-2023. Going through intense training and meeting all the requirements, she is now proud to be a Bride Ministries Coach and ready to take Jesus into the battle for you.

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I first met Sandra at the 2022 Advance and felt a connection with her immediately. In July 2023 we connected again through a mutual experience and I was encouraged by her. In September I reached out to her for ministry as I again went through a mutual painful experience that only she could relate. It is so validating and comforting to walk through my healing journey with Sandra. I love how she allows the Holy Spirit to lead and guide our sessions and I am experiencing the fruit of each session, building precept upon precept, as I engage with my spirit and core for the Lord’s abundant inheritance I have in Christ Jesus!

4 months ago
Barbara B

Truly loved & appreciated my first session w/Sandra. Very wise & insightful. Was looking forward to booking more but have had increasing TI issues have had to address. New phone, not yet compatible w/my laptop. I’m working on resolving, but in my 70’s & finding help slow going. Please pray for me.

4 months ago

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