Sarah Dobbs

DID Coach Mentorship Program Graduate, Class of 2021

Sarah was instrumental in my personal deliverance. She has a passion to help people break free and has personally delivered me from generational curses and helped me conquer many hurdles in my spiritual walk with God. She is caring and compassionate.
Sarah , has been helpful with my grandson, praying with him. The breaking of generational curses and feelings of being abandoned. Setting him free of a situation he was born into. We were blessed! Thank you!

Sarah Dobbs is...

...Bride Ministries Coach

Sarah Dobbs grew up in a small town in North Texas where she gave her life to Christ at a young age. Sarah is a Certified Dissociative Identity Disorder Coach with Bride Ministries. In 2018 she was ordained a prophet in office by Apostolic Movement International. She operates in the gift of discerning of spirits, as a seer, and hearer in the spirit. She is passionate about teaching others how to activate the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which is vital in your healing journey.

Although Sarah has carried many leadership positions from owning her own retail business to managing other businesses, her most rewarding time has been spent volunteering at her local jail to minister to inmates, missionary work, mentoring and ministering inner healing and deliverance to God’s children. Through this journey, the Lord took her through an intense season of inner healing and deliverance for herself. During this time Sarah received her Masters in Prophetic Ministry and Bachelors in Pastoral Ministry at Apostolic Movement International. She also completed a healing and deliverance training through the International School of Exorcism.

As an advocate for survivors she did much self studying on survivors of extreme trauma, satanic ritual abuse(SRA) and Dissociative Identity Disorder(DID). Through these different trainings she realized she needed more training on how to minister inner healing and deliverance to the most broken and bound and had the privilege and honor to train under Dan Duval to become a Certified Dissociative Identity Disorder Coach.

Let me introduce myself...

Let me introduce myself...

My Heart

I knew the Word of God said Jesus came to set the captives free and I went on a journey to find this truth for myself and others. Now I feel a large responsibility to help the people of God get set free, and in the process, we get to bully back the devil!

Throughout my life I sought out healing and deliverance in my spirit, soul, and body from my own personal hurt and trauma I experienced. Through this journey, I still felt broken and defeated. I knew there was an answer to getting the breakthrough I so hungered for that Jesus spoke about in the gospels.

I knew the Word of God said Jesus came to heal the broken hearted and set the captives free. I started asking God to show me the truth and journeyed with the Holy Spirit to find this truth for myself and others.

God started opening my eyes to His truth in who I am in Him as He brought me my own healing and deliverance. He taught me how important identity through Jesus Christ is and through this identity we don’t have to continue to stay broken and bullied by the enemy.

He also taught me how important it is to work on the spirit, soul and body to receive complete healing and deliverance. My heart is to see others receive this truth in a safe loving environment as I journey with them through their healing and deliverance. I believe we have all been called to fulfill our purpose through Jesus Christ and I would love to walk this out with you.

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Education & Background

Sarah received her formal training through Apostolic Movement International graduating with a Masters in Prophetic Ministry and was ordained as a Prophet in Office

Bachelors in Pastoral Ministry

Healing and Deliverance training through the International School of Exorcism

Jail ministry

She most recently acquired a Certificate of Completion from BRIDE Ministries DID Coach Mentorship Program.

Graduated from the BRIDE Ministries Mentorship Program in December 2021

She has been approved as a Volunteer Coach for BRIDE Ministries Inc coaching scholarship recipients while building her personal coaching business.

Specializes in the following areas:

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Tena Frierson

Sarah Dobbs is God sent I was praying for someone to help me get delivered from a lot of satanic bondage on our first session I was surprised at the freedom I had gotten after the first session she is very Gifted and knowledgeable of the supernatural I am so bless to have her as my coach and I am looking forward in working with her now and in the future.

2 years ago

Sarah’s love for Jesus, her knowledge and her obedience to God gives explains her deep depth of discernment. She has helped me reach levels of healing I knew I needed and others that were new revelation. I so appreciate her love and heart that has helped me in my healing process. I highly recommend her.

2 years ago
Sherri Modory

She is so intuitive and thorough in praying over you. Sarah goes extra deep into the details of what the spirit reveals that freedom is found in the depths of darkness through Jesus Christ. She is a spiritual warrior connected to Yahweh and Jesus Christ that breaks down barriers and finds the hidden that needs to be prayed out for healing and freedom. Thank You God for blessing us with her.

2 years ago

Sarah is one of the most amazing woman I have met in ministry. Her heart is absolutely full of the Lord and calling to deliverance. The sessions I have had with Sarah have produced crucial fruit that remains in my deliverance from powers of darkness. Sarah is incredibly anointed and does not get daunted nor bogged down by the schemes and distractions of the enemy. She is adamant about her authority in Christ and most definitely exercises that authority in our sessions. I am absolutely blessed to have such an incredible and blessed coach and completely grateful that the Lord has brought us together for his good works in us whom believe.

2 years ago

Sarah is amazing. She is the most precious Son/Daughter of God. I like that Sarah hears so well in the spirit, is very sensitive, and takes the time to get to the root of the matter. Sarah uncovered some grids and curses I had no idea I was on or under and I was able to get deliverance. She ministered healing to my spirit through the Holy Spirit. Her coaching administered through Jesus, is just what I needed to help me discover more about my purpose and to be able to see higher into heavenly realms. All glory to Jesus, the journey is not over.

2 years ago

Love your reviews. Hope to engage you soon. Lindokuhle from Potchefstroom south africa. Love amen

2 years ago
Christina Ramirez

Sara is being used by God to bring lots of deliverance and inner healing to me and I hear so much more from the Lord since receiving coaching and prayer. I have not finished my healing journey but in 1 year I have activated and discovered many powerful portals and tools from the Lord to destroy satans works and walk in more faith and anointing.

7 months ago
Joanne Davis

Sarah is just amazing! She is so in tune with The Holy Spirit! Often Sarah is speaking and or praying and I am seeing what she receives from The Holy Spirit of Truth! Sarah has been our family coach for a year and a half. The testimonies of breakthrough for our family has been a priceless gift!!! 💝
Sarah is a strong woman whose heart is to honor Jesus and set captives free! May she be blessed in her journey as she follows her King!!👏💞
Thank you Sarah! 🤩❤️

4 months ago

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