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DID Coach Mentorship Program Graduate, Class of 2022

Abba Father created an opportunity to do coaching with Vera. I thought it was just going to be a quick session or two, then I’ll be all healed. Nope. Vera is so kind and understanding. She explained thoroughly what to expect. Things can get quite sticky in a session, but Vera always partners with Holy Spirit. What I appreciate the most is that she never left me when the can of worms opened up. I am free to be myself with her without feeling judged. Even when a session is tough, and I have to face tough truths. She always builds me up. I am so grateful for her. I honor her for her time and dedication. I can now set healthy boundaries. There is growth in my children, my marriage and my business is showing profit. People treat me differently. Emotionally and financially things are looking better in my life. Which is awesome. But most importantly I see God healing relationships, pruning us, healing us, and raising us up. I was even asked to become a prayer warrior at our church. The mantel of invisibility is being destroyed. I’m so Grateful. Thank you, Bride Ministries and Vera. Blessings JM
A journey of the heart is always vulnerable and intense. This journey that I took with Vera was like an unzip of my inner being. I got to know my inner world…through the Holy Spirit working through Vera in a profound way. I have always known that there was deep trauma, the fruit in my life clearly showed but …healing came! My heart is filled with gratitude. For whom Jesus is and what He did for me on the cross more than ever. The gospel opened like a pomegranate fruit to me after this journey and all of a sudden, I tasted and saw…never the same! My trauma is part of my story. My parts are part of me, and we all are in Him where we live and move and have our being! I want to honour Vera. The vessel that she is, brought me so much peace, her maturity brought me a solidness and her kindness always made me feel safe! With a heart of gratitude and love, Nicole

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...Bride Ministries Coach

Vera’s life was turned around during her born again experience in 1991. She had an encounter where she was standing next to a joyride structure watching thousands of people on it sliding into the abyss. They were oblivious to the great danger they were in and were having the time of their lives. They seemed to be under mind control. Jesus was standing next to her, and he handed her parachute like technology, but nobody paid attention or were interested in taking them. The vision greatly disturbed her and compelled her throughout her journey with the Lord in finding ever more effective ways to serve Jesus. By the Grace of God that upholds her, this has led being in teaching and training ministries for over thirty years in South Africa, Botswana and Mozambique.

On 1 January 2020 she received a word from the Lord – “Movement”. Since then, she had several visions of a warhorse with a rider on it speeding straight at her. She knew instinctively that she had to grab the hand of the horse rider so he could pull her up onto the moving horse. Horses symbolizes “movement”. Soon after, she discovered “Truth with Dan Duval” and was honored to join the “BRIDE Movement”. Thus the vision is fulfilled. Vera means “truth”.

May the manifold wisdom of God be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly places through us! (Ephesians 3:10)

Let me introduce myself...

Let me introduce myself...

My Heart

As my mentor taught me, we are spiritual beings having an earthly experience. I love to see the truth of God’s Word – His reality – its power and influence manifest as it is in heaven, here on the earth! In the heart territory of man! Truth always sets free, and truth always prevails. I love to witness broken parts come into contact with the unlimited, unrelenting power and authority of Jesus, the Word, the Way, the Truth and the Life! The ways of Jesus with his creation, will never stop to amaze me! It is one thing to know all this in a theological setting, it’s quite another thing altogether to experience it in a session! Jesus is involved! His angels are involved! The kingdom is involved! I love God’s perspective! Love never fails!

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Education & Background

After school graduation I worked in a corporate setting till the age of 27. I then got radically born again in 1991 and our family left for the Mission field of Botswana in 1993. We became affiliated with Love Botswana Outreach Mission (LBOM) under the leadership of Jerry and Jana Lackey and worked with them till 1997 where we left for the USA for a year’s Bible school at the Christ for the Nations Bible Institute founded by Gorden Lindsay in Dallas Texas. We returned to Botswana in 1999 and worked with LBOM till the end of the year 2000 where we returned to South Africa where I continued with ministry work.

In the year 1998 I took my first mission’s trip to Mozambique and have gone annually ever since. We registered Abundant Life Outreach Team Ministries in Mozambique several years later. This is a missions and evangelistic church planting ministry that focuses on training leadership. I became fellow director of Sons of God Ministries Unlimited in South Africa in 2013 – a teaching and training ministry focusing on inner healing, deliverance and other Kingdom concepts.

I have completed several courses pertaining to Church Leadership, Inner Healing and Deliverance training as well as in in Administration and Business. In 2018 I finished my Bachelors Degree from EMET Academy of Learning – Restoration Ministry Training. In 2022 I graduated from BRIDE Ministries International: DID Coach Coaching Mentorship Program.

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Words cannot express how grateful I am to have Vera as my prayer coach, as she has a powerful anointing to improve lives through this ministry. Every time I have a session with Vera, her love for Jesus and her dedication to this important work shine through. She is patient to listen to me and to understand the things I am telling her, always asks relevant questions, and leads the sessions not with her flesh, but truly guided by the Holy Spirit. I am deeply grateful to Vera and Bride Ministries for helping me face and permanently overcome the traumatic things my humanity has endured!

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