Wendy Mumford

DID Coach Mentorship Program Graduate, Class of 2021

Wendy is a kind, deeply present, and thoughtful listener. I found her to be engaged and invested in what God was doing, and in what I was expressing.
Wendy is compassionate, inciteful, and ready to roll with the Holy Spirit at her side. I had several “BIG’ breakthroughs in a very short time that have led to true healing in my personal life. I found Wendy to be very nonjudgmental, supportive of all my baggage, and very willing to go where other counselors were not comfortable going. I have nothing but praise and thankfulness for her coaching.

Wendy Mumford is...

...Bride Ministries Coach

Wendy Mumford is a seeker of Truth and lover of the Word. She has a heart for justice and is a strong advocate for those that God puts in her life.

Wendy is married to Ben Mumford, while not certified as a coach, he audited the entire DID Mentorship to be a support to Wendy and her ministry. Ben and Wendy are raising their sweet niece, Nicole, who lost her parents at a young age. They live in Rhode Island with their two rascally dogs. Wendy loves the outdoors, enjoying the wonder of creation with the Father.

Let me introduce myself...

Let me introduce myself...

My Heart

I have a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work, worked as a clinician for a decade, but walked away from my career to become a coach. In 2019, I was working at a state psychiatric hospital when I began to meet with a client who was diagnosed with PTSD and Bipolar Disorder. It turned out that my client had DID, which was thought to be a rare disorder. In my search for a way to help, I found BRIDE Ministries. After a journey down the rabbit hole and many hours of podcasts, I attended the 2019 Fall BRIDE Tribe Advance. There, I met many Survivors who received me with love and honor, thanking me for working in the mental health field as one who would believe their story. God told me to repent publicly to the Survivors on behalf of my profession because while I had cared for and respected my clients, I knew how the system had treated them. That weekend I heard “The Army of Volunteers” sermon, and my life was forever changed.

I went back to work, but my eyes were open; the False Reality Overlay was torn. I saw that these precious people, who were literally locked in a mental institution, out of their love for Jesus, had volunteered before being born into this world to endure unspeakable trauma and abuse in order for God to have justice against the enemy and for Creation to be restored. As days went on, I knew that my repentance was not complete. I also knew that I could not bring true freedom to my clients in the world system. God led me to the BRIDE Ministries DID Coach Mentorship Program, and it is with much joy that I am able to lead people into an encounter with Jesus in inner healing, deliverance and spirit activation. It is a Divine mystery, but your breakthrough takes power back from the enemy, simultaneously making a way for others to become free.

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Education & Background

Wendy holds an Associate’s Degree in Practical Ministry from Brownsville Revival School of Ministry. She earned a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Social Work from Bridgewater State University and a Master’s of Social Work from Rhode Island College. She is a Trained and Selected Volunteer Coach with BRIDE Ministries. Wendy is an on-going student of the Holy Spirit and the Word.

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Wendy has shown me Thorough and detailed coaching. This goes far beyond any academic, therapeutic, and coach training. It is very obvious she is deeply saturated with Christ with all her preparation, Which I have Greatly benefited from. Thank you Wendy

2 years ago

Wendy is professional, responsible, and anointed. She is also very kind & considerate. Wendy listens well to both Holy Spirit as well as what I’m saying, seeing, needing. She also makes every minute of our time together profitable. God’s presence is definitely there and breakthrough comes. I highly recommend Wendy as a coach!

2 years ago

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