Wy-Marie Wessels

DID Coach Mentorship Program Graduate, Class of 2022

There have been so many instances that confirm my h-e-a-l-i-n-g it is wonderful and unbelievable how Jesus worked. All the glory to God. I still discover weekly what the Lord has done for me, it is awesome.
Love my homework! Keep it coming. I’m not looking at people the same. This level of knowledge helps people make so much more sense. I watched the videos you shared; this stuff is so deep. Only God can free people of this stuff. He needs vessels that can handle this truth.

Wy-Marie Wessels is...

...Bride Ministries Coach

She grew up on the farmlands, their swimming pool was the river, and their playground was the creation of God. Her mom & dad introduced her to Jesus when she was little, and the bible stories became real for her through the illustrations at that time.

At the start of her working career, she moved to a different town and province, and she has been nesting there for many years. Her experiences with life as we know it, were gained from her scenarios but also from friends and even strangers. She has always enjoyed journeying with individuals, through their scenarios and circumstances.

She always knew Jesus, but her journey with Jesus intensified when she was in serious trouble, a sickness where doctors could not assist. Today she testifies that she is healed and still being healed.

Her friends describe her as – someone who will journey with you, through the seasons. Their house and hearts [her and her husband] are a safe place. It is natural to share even if you are a stranger in her midst. Wisdom and guidance are softly spoken, she shares and gives freely as she receives. She is a very natural go-with-the-flow person, and many a time you will hear ‘Holy Spirit inspired’ is an answer to a task started & completed.

Wy-Marié is a multi-faceted individual who believes all things are possible through Christ, so it comes naturally for her to be outside of her comfort zone, she loves a challenge and is always charged with the positive. She is creative and analytical. She is a wife, a friend, an entrepreneur, a missionary, and a coach.

Everything will be new going forward, that is what she proclaims from knowing Rapha to you.

Let me introduce myself...

Let me introduce myself...

My Heart

I live by the idea that the resurrection life that I have received from YHVH is not a timid, grave-tending life but an adventurously expectant childlike greeting – what’s next, Papa? This life song was released to me as Rapha the physician started to heal, cure, and mend my spirit, soul, and body including the nations – properly and thoroughly. He has done this by the removal of distress, defects, and hurts sometimes using stitching, adding water to the pottery clay to make me and others around me whole, and restoring favour onto us. And from this place, I also partake in His promise over all of us!

In my smallness of understanding, now seeing miracles daily as the captives are being set free – getting glimpses of what Jesus overcame for us, that moment in time, and subsequently after that – I’m fascinated in His why.

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Education & Background

I enjoy…
Spending time in the Word, it is a treasure chest that opens up & I can truly be lost in it therefore, I’ve completed several courses: theology, inner healing and deliverance, bible school, and the Bride Ministries DID/ SRA program

Serving in the children’s ministry, being part of an outreach team, and cleansing land.

The creative side of being an entrepreneur, learning people new skills and allowing people to practice skills in a safe and trusted environment.

I also have a background in the corporate world, being a leader of a team.

Specializes in the following areas:

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A true princess of YHWH!

4 months ago

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